Your Voice is a Powerful Tool

The whispers show up to tell you it’s time to stop playing small and express yourself freely. You ignore the whispers. The whispers turn into roars.

Your voice is a powerful tool.

It reflects joy.

It produces laughter

It pulsates with fear.

It boasts confidence.

It softens with sadness. 

And it quivers with nerves.

It can be fast and furious. Slow and melodic.

Powerful and gentle. Direct and evasive.

Some days your voice needs to feel every range. Don’t betray your voice.

Own it with every pitch, every loudness, every rate, and every tone.

When she embraces the full power of her voice and radiates all that is love, may she reach for her crown, place it gently on her head, and project her voice with confidence and power.

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